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5 Ways to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Manage Their Finances


Perhaps it seems like your senior parents are losing track of their finances. You might be worried about their spending habits or their lack of organization. If your parents need round-the-clock care, you may want to look into an assisted living facility such as Alder Terrace. But if they simply need some help handling [...]

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Affordable Health Care for Seniors in Port Charlotte


"Guide to Medicare Eligibility, Coverage and Plans. Learn about your options for Medicare, including how much it costs, when to enroll, and how to find Medicare plans near you." Read more... www.affordablehealthinsurance.com/medicare/ www.affordablehealthinsurance.com/medicaid/ www.affordablehealthinsurance.com/health-insurance-for-unemployed/

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Medicare in Florida


"As an alternative to Original Medicare, Florida has 67 Medicare Advantage Plans if you're seeking more robust coverage. Read on to learn more about the different types of Medicare plans in Florida and the state agencies and organizations that can help you evaluate and plan for your health care needs. " Read more... Click [...]

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A Guide to Assisted Senior Care in Port Charlotte


"Check out our picks for the top 10 assisted living facilities in Port Charlotte. Additionally, find out more about the cost of assisted living in Port Charlotte and what financial assistance programs are available." Read more...Click link to view full article on Paying for Senior Care's websitewww.payingforseniorcare.com/assisted-living-in-port-charlotte-fl

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Benefits of Assisted Living for Cancer Patients


Recovering patients can find effective treatment options and plenty of support as they heal in assisted living facilities. Learn about the types of assisted living facilities for elderly patients, the many benefits they offer in helping patients get healthy and how those facilities lay the foundation for senior patients to develop a healthy lifestyle for years [...]

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Now Offering Yoga Classes


Calling all Seniors that are interested in improving their strength, balance and overall flexibility. Alder Terrace Adult Care Center located at the end to Sandhill Blvd. (26563 Sandhill Blvd.) has partnered with the Yoga Sanctuary of Punta Gorda, to offer senior strength, balance and flexibility classes. Our first class is on May 1, 2019, from [...]

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