Adults experience a decline in physical strength, mobility, and many other changes as they grow older. As a result, many lose the independence they enjoyed in their younger years. While this can be frustrating enough for seniors with relatives and friends nearby, it can be downright overwhelming for those who don’t have anyone to help them navigate daily challenges.

If you would like to help seniors in your community maintain their quality of life, there are plenty of practical ways to do so. Get started with this brief guide.

Lifestyle Choices

From the foods they eat to the activities they engage in, you can help an older adult build a healthy daily routine (while spending quality time together).

  • Look for nutritious diets, meals, and snacks specifically beneficial to seniors.
  • Go cycling, walking, or swimming for low-impact exercise.
  • Help them get into a healthy sleep rhythm by redecorating their bedroom to be more restful.
  • Introduce them to breathing exercises to reduce their stress.

Financial Decisions

Money can be a major stress point for anyone, including seniors. Here are a few ways to help older adults make sound financial decisions. 

  • Help seniors find a trustworthy financial advisor to walk then through financial challenges.
  • Teach them how to create a monthly budget and make practical spending changes to improve their standing.

Daily Tasks

Without friends or family around, many seniors struggle to manage everyday tasks and errands. Here’s you can help:

  • Offer to take care of a senior’s lawn mowing, flower planting, shrub trimming, and other yard work.
  • Drive them to their doctors’ appointments, hair appointments, and other errands.
  • Establish a weekly house cleaning schedule, and help older adults keep their homes free of clutter.
  • Regularly visit a senior’s home to provide them with companionship.
  • Present the option of moving to assisted living if they can no longer handle daily tasks but still want to enjoy some independence.
  • Alder Terrace Adult Care Center provides supportive care, home-cooked meals, socialization opportunities, and superior service!

No matter where you live, older adults are struggling to maintain their quality of life with no one around to help them. You can be someone who makes a significant impact in their lives. Keep the tips and resources here in mind as you step into your new role, and expect to recognize more purpose and fulfillment in your own life!

Lucille Rosetti

info@thebereaved.orgThe Bereaved