Our elderly parents very often need our support to help them to settle into a new assisted living home.  Often there is a fear of the unknown and a fear of a loss of independence.  Our elderly parents may be proud people and the concept that they have reached a point in their life where they need a little help with their day to day living can often be a humbling experience.  Families often face a high degree of reluctance on the part of their family member who may be highly resistant to leave the place where they have lived and have succeeded for decades. Memories and ties to the old homestead can be strong and hard to break. It is crucial in any transition to take these very real emotions into account and implement strategies to overcome.

Carefully screen facilities

Before a senior is ever introduced to a center it is important to do your research, travel around and interview as many different ALF’s as possible. Some centers may look great on the surface and have great amenities, but it may not be a good match for your family. Try to spend as much time as you can in the place. Talk to the residents individually if you are permitted to do so.  Investigate the routine and schedule. Make sure they have a solid emergency plan in place. And make sure that the location is good and in easy proximity to medical services and other amenities.

Have everyone buy-in to the new residence.

It is critical to have your senior parent buy into their new situation. Nothing is worse than if they feel that they are being abandoned or kicked to the curb. Take your time and firmly build your case and point out the advantages of being there and having some living support. Often folks will know that it is time to move on and transition, but pride or a reluctance to change can often be a hurdle. The professionals at each ALF center are familiar with these challenges and will often work with you on the best way to do. Have compassion, stay positive but firm, and constantly point out the advantages, these are some tips on how to affect a successful transition to an assisted living facility.