Benefits of Assisted Living for Cancer Patients


Recovering patients can find effective treatment options and plenty of support as they heal in assisted living facilities. Learn about the types of assisted living facilities for elderly patients, the many benefits they offer in helping patients get healthy and how those facilities lay the foundation for senior patients to develop a healthy lifestyle for years [...]

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Now Offering Yoga Classes


Calling all Seniors that are interested in improving their strength, balance and overall flexibility. Alder Terrace Adult Care Center located at the end to Sandhill Blvd. (26563 Sandhill Blvd.) has partnered with the Yoga Sanctuary of Punta Gorda, to offer senior strength, balance and flexibility classes. Our first class is on May 1, 2019, from [...]

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Assisted Living Services and Facilities for the Elderly


Adult care centers are meant for senior citizens who need support to look after their daily lives. Often, this relieves family members of the stress of having to look after their aged loved one while also trying to balance the demands of their own lives. An assisted living center can fill this need and make [...]

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Assisted Living Centers: A Beautiful Life.


Family-oriented assisted living centers have become a common feature of life in the USA.  In other cultures, seniors will often live at home with their family and often there are 3 and sometimes 4 generations all living under the same roof. In contrast, modern culture and the demands work, living, and family often makes it [...]

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Transitioning to an Assisted Living Facility


Our elderly parents very often need our support to help them to settle into a new assisted living home.  Often there is a fear of the unknown and a fear of a loss of independence.  Our elderly parents may be proud people and the concept that they have reached a point in their life where [...]

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